A cruise to Cancun. Just that sentence just make you visualize a large, luxurious white ship breaking the water, heading towards the white-sand beaches of that resort town.

It sure did for all four of us – my wife, kids and I. The moment I broke the news to them, pandemonium erupted in the house. Lots of ‘Wow!’s and lots of spontaneous hugs. The kids rushed up the stairs to pack for the trip which was then still a week away. The wife and I stayed up late, enjoying the sounds of laughter and excited chatter coming from their room upstairs.

Somehow, the week passed for all of us, and we found ourselves staring at this impossibly tall, majestic ship from the dock. However heavy our bags were (stuffed with more clothes for a sunny 3-week holiday than was necessary), they seemed weightless at the sight.
Trudging up the modern gangway with hundreds of other families just as excited as we were, I can say that all the colors of the day seemed brighter and more vivid – the azure sky, the blue-green water, the fluffy white clouds.

We had cut down on costs so we decided to sneak alcohol in from flasks by Myboozecruise.com and they work great! We had an ocean view room and my wife and I could not help taking pictures of the kids with their cheeks plastered together, trying to look out the porthole at the same time.

We made our way to the large buffet room for our first meal on the ship. I have to admit I was very impressed with the food that day and the entire week we were on the cruise. No surprise that the content was heavy on seafood – which all but my wife love – but the sheer variety and quality of everything on the tables put a smile on my face and a rumble in my stomach every time. We also drank so much alcohol I thought I was going to have an addiction afterwards!

After eating, we went up to one of the top decks to look down at the cavernous lobby to help us decide what to do. It was easy for the kids – they were practically ready to change into the swimsuits right there and then. We let them go off to the deck pool where the water slide apparently had their names written all over it.

The wife was all revved up for her Yoga-Pilates classes. I made my way to the casino, prepared to lose a few bucks. Surprisingly, I was up about $40 by the time the family was scheduled to regroup. For the evening, the kids were booked in for a round of mini-golf while my wife and I had seats for a show.

The days were spent lazing on the deck, watching the gulls and the blue sky, or taking in shows at the theater. When the kids weren’t at the pool with us, they would be shooting hoops in the basketball court or playing another round of mini-golf.

Cancun itself was a sublime wonder. Toes in tiny grains of smooth sand, laying back on the towel, my wife’s hand in mine and the kids tearing in and out of the water.

The week was over all too soon, but what a beautiful set of memories of places and experiences and time spent together as family my cruise to Cancun, Mexico has left.